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We are passionate to see a cultural shift where every person is walking in spiritual, relational and sexual wholeness. Through this shift, we believe we will be better able to experience deep, intimate relationships the way God designed and intended.

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A Journey Into Deeper Spiritual,
Emotional & Sexual Oneness

Love After Marriage is not a conference but a workshop designed for marriages at any level. Our goal is to instruct and guide married couples into a relationship characterized by openness, vulnerability and love. During the LAM workshop, couples have an opportunity through the working of the Holy Spirit, to learn and practice how to bring spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness into their relationship.

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A Journey Towards Intimate Relationships

The goal of Single Life Workshop is to encourage growth in learning how to do relationships well. We put men and women in small groups to use the tools we’ve given them in order to relate to one another, share and be themselves, and to work through the significant things that would otherwise hinder them in having healthy, transparent, intimate relationships. This workshop is not about finding a mate but about becoming healthy, confident and ready for an amazing marriage!

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  • Couple_Beach_Sunset
    Rules for Working Through Conflict Tool

    We thought it would be helpful to highlight a NHM tool, as sometimes it can easily be forgotten to continue to apply “the tools” in our everyday life. Continually using the tools as a lifestyle will help you in all areas – spiritually, relationally and sexually.......

  • Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.04.24 PM
    The Key to Working Through Conflict

    This is raw Periscope footage of Brendon Byrne sharing about how to work through conflict and one of the most important keys to implement as you do this....

  • Lonelieness
    The Hidden Perks of Loneliness

    There is a level of loneliness that we experience as singles that isn’t all bad. Why? Because it’s connected to the desire to be married and experience the depth of oneness that can only be experienced with our spouse. When God made Adam in the......

  • looking
    Q & A: How Do I Not Look for “The One” All the Time?

    Q: It’s my decision who I choose to marry and God isn’t doing that for me. So how do I not look for “the one” all the time, especially when I really have the desire to find my husband soon? A: The same way you make......

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We are excited to invite you to experience Love After Marriage workshops and Single Life Workshops which are taking place all over the world, available in both intensive and weekly formats! For more information about these events, please contact us, or come join us at an event near you!

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  • A Deeper Relationship with Jesus and My Wife

    “When my wife first told me about this class, I have to admit that I wasn’t that excited. We had attended other classes in the past that focused on improving Christian marriages and, while the...

  • Able to Connect with Jesus

    “During the past few days being a part of Single Life Workshop, God really met me where I was. I’ve received healing from past relationships, ties I’ve had with evil spirits, and breakthroug...

  • Brought Back from the Edge of a Cliff

    “My husband and I were on the cliff of despair. Though we both knew that we were brought together by God 20 years ago, we had grown emotionally, spiritually and sexually apart. We had lost visio...

  • Experiencing God’s Best for Me

    “I had yet to find a ministry in the UK that cared about this “singleness issue!” When I read the workshop was for ages 17-70, I knew I was in the right place. A workshop to discuss intimacy...

  • Freedom from Lies

    “God set me free from lies that have bound me and that held me back from walking into my destiny. He has shown me that indeed, the truth sets you free. Prior to this workshop, I had the desire t...

  • Freshness for My Marriage

    “I came with a lot of tension in my spirit and heart towards my wife. Jesus healed my heart and made me realize that I have been making things very claustrophobic for her because I have been pus...

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