The Love After Marriage eCourse is now available

Is your marriage everything you want it to be? Is it everything God wants it to be?


God designed marriage to be a relationship full of a deep sense of love and intimacy that is unlike any other humanly relationship you will experience on this earth. Because of this, we all have an ingrained desire to feel truly connected with our spouse – but sometimes we experience anger, hurt or disconnection with them instead.


We understand how distressing it can be to work through these relational difficulties, and that’s why at Love After Marriage, we are committed to helping you experience deeper intimacy with your spouse by inviting Holy Spirit to play an active role in your relationship in order to overcome conflict and restore connection. By learning God’s truths and applying them in a safe environment, you will be equipping both you and your spouse to experience the kind of intimacy and connection in your marriage that you’ve desired!


  Receive fresh and bold teachings on key insights of spiritual, emotional and sexual connection


  Identify any blockages that may be preventing you from deeper connection with your spouse


  Discover effective and practical communication and relationship skills


  Have opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in a safe, small group setting

  Learn how to overcome conflict and other relational problems in order to experience true reconciliation


  Receive insight and wisdom about sexuality from a Godly perspective


  Have the opportunity to be fully known and seen by sharing within the safety of a small group


  Participate in activations that will implement the session material in your day-to-day life



Experience LAM with couples from all over the world in an intensive workshop format, which is an accelerated version of the full LAM 18-lesson course.


Journey with other couples in your local community through the weekly workshop format, containing the full 18 LAM lessons.


You have the option of hosting a LAM intensive in your local area by inviting LAM Ambassadors to come to you!

“Strong marriages are at the core of thriving families and culture.”


I didn’t know marriage could be like this. I discovered my wife in a new way. I became more powerful and began to love stronger as a man. I saw the woman I married being restored to her joy and true personality.
Having just come back from our honeymoon, I wasn’t sure what we’d really get out of LAM. It turns out that the course was deeper and more powerful than any spiritual retreat or conference I’ve ever been to in my life. God was given the floor to speak, restore, heal and reconnect us from the very start. I can’t believe how open, honest and encouraging LAM was to us as newlyweds. We feel connected, equipped and ready to take on whatever God has for us as a couple.
Twenty-five years of marriage and twenty-five years of disconnection at every level - spiritual, physical, and emotional. I felt that my heart was encased in a block of ice and that I was trapped in a glass elevator and couldn’t connect. I was desperate for breakthrough and had tried everything. BUT GOD HAS BROKEN THROUGH! The glass elevator has been smashed. The ice is melting and I can breathe and am starting to feel. I have always been envious of how other men truly love their wives. NOW I DO! I LOVE MY WIFE! Do not give up hope.



We encourage you and your spouse to be willing to share whatever Holy Spirit asks you to share about your life and “inner-world.” As you both are willing to invite others into the deeper places of your lives, it will bring amazing transparency, vulnerability and connection in your marriage and other relationships.


We want LAM to be a place where there is freedom to question and learn. In this process, we will help you and your spouse learn how to better recognize and discern God’s voice within the context of a safe, small group community.


We encourage you both to go to new levels of honesty in your marriage. Trust, security and intimacy are solid foundations for building a strong connection in your relationship. It’s worth the effort!


Despite any previous disappointments or discouragements in learning how to deepen your connection in your marriage, we encourage you to continue to move towards hope, growth and improvement – there’s only failure if you quit trying.


We promise that if you both fully commit yourselves to the entire LAM process, there will be a big win on the other side that will be lasting life changing – in all areas of your life.


We aim to continually listen to God’s leading and direction throughout every session, which allows you and your spouse to receive the most you can out of your LAM experience.


We begin each workshop by inviting the transforming power and presence of Holy Spirit. We have confidence that God will guide you and your spouse in your ability to form a deeper, Godly and loving marital connection.


All of our understanding and teaching of marriage, spirituality and sexuality are founded on truths and principles from the Bible.



The teaching sessions present fresh, bold insights on basic principles of spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness within marriage – which prepares the way for these insights to be activated and exercised in a safe, small group setting.


This is one of the most powerful components of the workshop. Based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, a couple who needs significant breakthrough is chosen to go in front of the class and receives inner healing and coaching for their issue(s). This must be done in a safe, caring and empowering environment that is created in a LAM environment. Couples who risk this kind of vulnerability usually receive tremendous breakthrough. Often, God wants to release that same breakthrough to the other participants. The couples observing benefit as they relate to the issues covered and prayed through. Spirit Connection can be followed up with prayer for everyone in the group who is struggling with similar issues.


Sharing testimonies is a powerful opportunity to encourage those who may still be waiting to see breakthrough and improvement in their own lives and marriages. After a participant shares their testimony, we pray and release this same breakthrough and blessing on the other participants. “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony…” (Revelation 12:11)


This is community in action! Couples share their response to the questions they answered during the individual/couple activity. Table facilitators and small group participants listen with the help of Holy Spirit and minister to each person after they share. Every individual is empowered to minister as the small group gathers around each couple, laying hands on them, praying, prophesying, and blessing what God is doing.


The homework is designed to give each couple the opportunity to “bring the lesson home” in order to practice and develop the skills necessary for a successful marriage in their day-to-day life.


Here is where the rubber meets the road! Sometimes activities are done individually, and at other times as a couple. These individual/couple activities give participants an opportunity to evaluate their own feelings and behaviors and share them with their spouse and small group members. This time often prepares the way for further growth for each couple during the rest of the workshop.


Each lesson in the LAM workbook contains a corresponding devotional that allows for further meditation on the principles taught, as well as stimulation for further discussion between you and your spouse.


Teaching and then modeling practical tools in front of the group allows an individual or couple to experience the tool as it is applied to their current circumstances, as well as allows the rest of the group to see the tools practiced in real life circumstances.