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Would you like to feel more close, connected and intimate with your spouse? Would you like to experience marriage the way God intended – truly walking in spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness?


In 2008, through a dream encounter with the Lord, we (Barry & Lori Byrne) received a significant strategy on how to heal, strengthen and transform marriages! This was the birthing of Love After Marriage (LAM). The Lord said, “Bring Me the hard cases… I’ve seen your ministry, do you want to see Mine?” We’re here to tell you that after saying “yes” to Him, that’s exactly what He’s doing – His ministry – and we are blown away with how He is powerfully ministering to couples all around the world.


Here are just some of the things couples are saying about their LAM experience:

“I didn’t know marriage could be like this. I discovered my wife in a new way. I became more powerful and began to love stronger as a man. I saw the woman I married being restored to her joy and true personality.”

“Having just come back from our honeymoon, I wasn’t sure what we’d really get out of LAM. It turns out that the course was deeper and more powerful than any spiritual retreat or conference I’ve ever been to in my life. God was given the floor to speak, restore, heal and reconnect us from the very start. I can’t believe how open, honest and encouraging LAM was to us as newlyweds. We feel connected, equipped and ready to take on whatever God has for us as a couple.”

“Twenty-five years of marriage and twenty-five years of disconnection at every level – spiritual, physical, and emotional. I felt that my heart was encased in a block of ice and that I was trapped in a glass elevator and couldn’t connect. I was desperate for breakthrough and had tried everything. BUT GOD HAS BROKEN THROUGH! The glass elevator has been smashed. The ice is melting and I can breathe and am starting to feel. I have always been envious of how other men truly love their wives. NOW I DO! I LOVE MY WIFE! Do not give up hope.”


Love After Marriage is not a conference, but a workshop designed for marriages at any level. Our goal is to instruct and guide married couples into a relationship characterized by openness, vulnerability and love. During the LAM workshop, couples have an opportunity through the working of the Holy Spirit, to learn and practice how to bring spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness into their relationship.


Your participation in LAM will provide you with these practical tools and insights:

  • Fresh and bold teaching on the basic principles of spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness
  • Practical tools to increase your intimacy, communication & enjoyment of one another
  • Tools on how to work through conflict and reconciliation
  • Opportunities to practice the tools in an intimate, small group setting
  • Breakthrough for overcoming strongholds in struggling marriages
  • Keys to take even healthy marriages to a higher level
  • Impartation and tools to equip couples to minister to one another and to others


Are you ready to begin your journey towards lasting transformation in your marriage? We’re ready to partner with you!

Intensive LAM Workshops

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Experience LAM with couples from all over the world in an intensive workshop format, which is an accelerated version of the full LAM 18-lesson course.

Weekly LAM Workshops

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Journey with other couples in your local community through the weekly workshop format, containing the full 18 LAM lessons.

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Participants come into the workshop with a variety of different comfort levels in regards to their willingness to share. Every couple is encouraged to be willing to share whatever Holy Spirit asks them to share. When participants are willing to follow Holy Spirit, He will help them take risks and share openly about their lives and feelings. As couples are willing to invite each other and their small group into the “hard places” of their lives, the Holy Spirit brings amazing transparency and vulnerability, and then comes as the Wonderful Counselor.


The LAM workshop is to be a place where there is freedom to question and learn. We encourage participants to recognize what they perceive through their spirit and to validate that perception through the Word of God and through the honest feedback of the LAM community. Through this process, participants learn to discern through their understanding as well as through their spirits.


These go hand in hand with vulnerability and transparency. We encourage couples to go to new levels of honesty with one another. Renewed trust, security and intimacy are the fruit of honesty and truthfulness when combined with mutual respect. It’s worth the risk!


Couples are reminded to stick to their commitment in getting breakthrough in their marriage. They must not easily give up but be willing to make growth a priority. We’ve had couples who didn’t get their breakthrough until the 17th week of LAM 1, and another couple who got their breakthrough two weeks before LAM 2 ended. We stress commitment to pressing in until participants get the breakthrough they are believing God for. He will come!


Love After Marriage requires a significant time commitment. In order to get the most out of LAM, couples must make attending LAM and doing the homework a priority. In addition, they must commit to investing themselves emotionally and spiritually. This is one of the most important investments to make on behalf of your marriage!


Holy Spirit is really the One leading this workshop. While there is an agenda for the workshop leaders to use, we emphasize the value of the workshop leader continually listening to Holy Spirit’s direction throughout each session. For example, this can mean a willingness to go after areas He is bringing to the forefront or spending more time than allotted in an area because Holy Spirit is moving.


We begin each workshop by inviting the supernatural transforming power and presence of Holy Spirit. We have confidence that God will come and strengthen each couple in their ability to grow in their marriage. He is ready to empower every person to do the impossible. He is for every couple. We invite Holy Spirit to stir up faith in each couple to believe and expect God’s loving intervention!


All of our understanding and teaching of marriage, connection and sexuality are founded on truths and principles from the Bible.


Love After Marriage has been designed with the following core components. Listed is a brief explanation of each component’s purpose and application:


This is a powerful opportunity to encourage others who may be struggling to see breakthrough in their own marriages with testimonies of what God is accomplishing in other marriages. Remember “the power of the testimony!”


This is one of the most powerful components of the workshop. Based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, a couple who needs significant breakthrough is chosen to go in front of the class and receive coaching for their issue(s). This must be done in a safe, caring and empowering environment that is created in a LAM workshop. Couples in the class who risk this kind of vulnerability usually receive great breakthrough. Often, God wants to release the same breakthrough to the other participants. The couples observing benefit as they relate to the issues covered and prayed through. Spirit Connection can be followed up with prayer for everyone in the class who is struggling with similar issues.

Recorded Spirit Connection sessions are provided as part of the DVD workshop. The issues covered are important and pertinent to the listening audience. If the workshop leaders have received training in counsel/inner-healing and have watched the Spirit Connection training that is available to them, they may also be ready to lead a live Spirit Connection with the LAM participants.


This corporate group teaching time presents fresh, bold revelation on basic principles of spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness. These dynamic sessions were filmed as Barry & Lori taught a live workshop, and they carry powerful impartation for couples to become encouraged and equipped to have the marriage God intends for them.


This is community in action! Couples share their response to the questions they answered during the individual/couple activity. Table facilitators and small group participants listen with the help of Holy Spirit and minister to each person after they share. Every individual is empowered to minister as the small group gathers around each couple, laying hands on them, praying, prophesying, and blessing what God is doing.


Teaching and then modeling the tools in front of the class allows an individual or couple to experience the tool as it is applied to their current circumstances, as well as allows the rest of the group to see the tools practiced in real life.


Here is where “the rubber meets the road.” Sometimes the activity is done individually, at other times, as a couple. It gives couples opportunity to quietly evaluate their own feelings and behavior and share them with each other. The work done during this time often prepares the way for further intimacy during the week.


Each lesson contains a corresponding devotional that allows for further meditation on the principles taught, as well as stimulating further discussion. There are questions that facilitate hearing from God concerning the principles, and questions that assist the couple to apply the teachings to their relationship.


The homework is designed to give each couple the opportunity to “bring the lesson home” in order to practice and develop the skills necessary for a successful marriage. It is critical that each couple develops their own way of applying the information and tools in day-to-day life. Couples who do their homework accelerate their progress. Couples who do not take the workshop seriously enough to do the homework will experience minimal benefit.

Note: We require couples who want to be registered to lead a Love After Marriage workshop in their local area to attend either the full 18-week workshop or an intensive workshop. There are other requirements for becoming registered. Please CONTACT US for more information.