LIVE workshops now enrolling near you

LIVE workshops now enrolling near you

Nothing Hidden Ministries

The vision of NHM is to lead people into spiritual, relational and sexual wholeness.

By creating a safe place for community, singles or married couples are guided into greater connection through Holy Spirit empowered workshops, relevant teachings and eCourses that create the space for more hopeful, healthy, restored lives and committed relationships.

Based in Redding, California, NHM is led by founders Barry and Lori Byrne.

Our ministries are

Spirit Connection Ministries

Single Life Workshop Nothing Hidden MInistries

You were made for connection.

At the core of who we are, we have been designed with a desire for relationship – to experience intimacy and connection, and to know others and be known ourselves. Yet many are left not knowing how to create this type of deep connection. Single Life Workshop helps individuals build genuine and meaningful relationships with others that actually satisfies our natural longing to feel truly connected.

What Single Life Workshop Participants Are Saying

“Through SLW, I received healing from hurts in my past relationships that were preventing me from feeling connected in my current relationships. I now feel so much closer to those in my life – I feel so known, seen and loved!”
–SLW Participant

Experience the marriage you’ve hoped for.

From the moment we say “I do,” we all desire to have a strong and intimate marriage, and yet so few people are actually experiencing this with their spouse. Love After Marriage helps couples connect on a deep and intimate level so they can experience the kind of marriage they’ve hoped for.

What Love After Marriage Participants Are Saying

“In our 14 years of marriage, we were stuck in a cycle of fighting about the same old things. But LAM gave us the tools we needed to resolve issues quickly and calmly, to build a strong partnership, and to be better parents to our children by being united as one. We’ve shared some of the tools with our family members and friends, and the impact continues to grow.” – LAM Participant

Inner-Healing For Personal,
Spiritual, and Relational Freedom

As God’s precious creation, it is His heart to see each one of us living in freedom and wholeness in all areas of our life – walking out our true identity and calling.

Spirit Connection is an inner healing ministry that is designed to uproot and heal issues that have prevented you from walking in personal freedom, spiritual wholeness and thriving relationships.

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