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Q & A: How Do I Not Look for “The One” All the Time?

Q & A: How Do I Not Look for “The One” All the Time?

Q: It’s my decision who I choose to marry and God isn’t doing that for me. So how do I not look for “the one” all the time, especially when I really have the desire to find my husband soon?

A: The same way you make all other important decisions, you have to choose. You have to choose your job, what food you eat, how you take care of your body, your attitude in various situations. It’s true that we have to make these choices and God isn’t going to violate our free will and do it for us. But He does want to be in the middle of our process. God wants to be with us and speak to us in those decisions. He wants to help us obtain life more abundantly through Him than we ever could ourselves. It may be our choice who we marry, but we still need to be able to bring God in on that choice if we want to receive the blessing that comes when we follow Him. Submitting to God in this area looks like being able to trust God with some of our deepest desires, which can be quite difficult. Often the things we desire the most are the hardest for us to let go and trust God with, but if the desire is a Godly one, I can guarantee He is already working harder on giving it to us than we are, and His way will be more satisfying to our hearts than anything we could have come up with.



by Brendon Byrne