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Q & A: How to Initiate Relationship?

Q & A: How to Initiate Relationship?

Q: How should a guy initiate a relationship with a woman?

A: Begin by getting to know her. It sounds simple, but so many people get tangled up in commitment, romance and thoughts of the “one” before they even give themselves time to know somebody. How do you get to know her? Spend time talking with her and ask her questions. Find out about each other lives: passions, histories, struggles, values, dreams, fears, etc. If you don’t have a way of spending time with her you may need to be more direct and ask her out. When you’re asking someone out in the beginning stages, it should still be from the motive, “I’m getting to know this person”. Despite what media tells us, romance should come from relationship, not relationship from romance and building a relationship takes time and being known. Moving into the realm of an exclusive relationship is much easier when you actually know the person. Since you’ve spent time with them and know them better, you should have noticed whether or not your romantic feelings for the person have been increasing or decreasing. If they’ve been increasing, choose to live openly and boldly by sharing what you genuinely feel for the other person.



by Brendon Byrne