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Q & A: How Do Men be Sensitive to Women’s Feelings

Q & A: How Do Men be Sensitive to Women’s Feelings

Q: How do guys be vigilant on being sensitive about women’s feelings?

A: Practicing truthfulness in kindness and compassion is a great place to start in becoming more sensitive with women’s feelings. Being truthful in love is how God designed all of us to communicate, which requires communicating with honesty and His compassion for the situation. As Christian men, we can often become paralyzed by the fear not protecting a woman’s heart. We cannot fall into the role of trying to prevent people from experiencing pain. That is not and never will be our responsibility. There is pain in the world and we can be comforting, encouraging and understanding to one another, but we cannot control what someone else feels. What women really need from us as men in this area is honesty and dependability. They need to know the truth of how we feel about the relationship even if it may cause sadness or pain for them.



by Brendon Byrne