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Q & A: Does Playing Hard to Get Work?

Q & A: Does Playing Hard to Get Work?

Q: When women play “hard to get” does it actually keep men interested?

A: Being your genuine self is the most attractive person you can be. If your goal truly is to keep men interested, there’s all kinds of things you can do, but intimacy isn’t about keeping men interested. Intimacy is about finding ONE man to share your life with openly and vulnerably. Playing “hard to get” is an attempt at manufacturing real confidence. True confidence comes in the form of being comfortable with who you are made to be and taking the risk of expressing it. When you care about yourself and believe you are meant to be loved well and love others well, it won’t be a quick or simple decision giving away your time, heart, trust, intimacy, vulnerability, etc…. Men are designed to risk, pursue and win over a woman in their own way. It’s scary for men because it runs the risk of us experiencing rejection. It is similar for women having to risk not giving themselves away too easily just because you want to be with somebody. Self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a man or woman. True self-confidence isn’t playing hard to get, rather it looks like walking freely in who you are made to be and genuinely and accurately expressing what is in you heart.



by Brendon Byrne