How are your workshops different from other relationship ministries and organizations?

Instead of a typical conference setting, the NHM workshops are based on a small group format to bring about the best results for you, the participant . We read and pray over every survey we receive, then (based on age, life stage and Holy Spirit’s leading) we place each participant into a small group that best suits them. Throughout the workshop, the NHM ambassadors will teach on various subjects and tools, which are then followed by activations so you have the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned within the safety of a small group. We’ve found this framework to be the most effective in order for you to receive the most from your time at the workshop.

Who are your workshops for?

Love After Marriage is for any married couple – newlyweds, couples married 20+ years, or even for those who are separated – who want to strengthen their marriage relationship. Couples with great marriages have attended and built even deeper intimacy and connection in their relationship, and couples on the verge of divorce have attended and saved their marriage after going through the LAM workshop.


Single Life Workshop is for anyone who is not married, ages 18-85, whether you are single, dating, engaged, widowed or divorced – you are invited to join us in developing life skills that will equip you to do all relationships well!

What is the cost of the workshops?

Cost varies according to each specific workshop. Please see the Itinerary section on the NHM website for cost details per event.

How do I host a Single Life Workshop or Love After Marriage workshop?

We would love to bring a Love After Marriage workshop or a Single Life Workshop to your area! For more information on hosting a workshop, please visit the Host A Workshop page on the NHM site and click the “APPLY TO HOST” button at the bottom.

What is the difference between a LAM 3.5-day and 5-day?

LAM 5-days are held only in the Redding, California area with the Founders, Barry & Lori Byrne, as the lead facilitators – while LAM 3.5-days are held in all other locations with LAM Ambassadors as the lead facilitators, who have been personally selected and trained by Barry & Lori directly.


While the LAM 3.5-day workshop is a shorter version of the 5-day workshop, it still includes the same core teachings and activations, including “Nothing Hidden”, “Steps to Reconciliation”, “Seeing Your Spouse through God’s Eyes,” and more! The 5-day workshop includes additional lessons and tools.


Both lengths of the workshop are incredibly effective, as participants still receive the same transformational breakthroughs in their marriage relationship!

Does your ministry provide counseling?

Our ministry does not provide any [marital/pre-martial/personal] counseling outside of workshops. However, if you contact us, we have a list of recommended alternative suggestions.