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You were made for relationship.

As humans, God wove into our being the desire and need to feel loved and connected in our relationships. However, if we have difficulty in knowing how to deeply connect with others, we will miss out on the fullness and beauty of life God desires for all of us to experience in this life.


This is why we are passionate about relationships and helping people just like you on their journey of experiencing deeper connection in their relationships and with God by living a lifestyle of openness and vulnerability in community. We want to see you thrive in your family relationships, marriages, friendships – and to experience freedom and fullness in all areas of your life!


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“Their ministry is really unique. Their transparency is disarming, their passion is inspiring, and Barry & Lori’s own relationship is a powerful message to anyone who is living in a dysfunctional or boring relationship.”

– Kris & Kathy Vallotton, Bethel Church Sr. Associate Leaders