Meet The Team


Barry & Lori Byrne

Founders & Directors

Barry Byrne has been a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years, as well as a devoted student of God’s Word. He has ministered at Bethel Church in Redding, California, in the Transformation Center both as a teacher and supervisor to the counselors. His wisdom, experience and anointing in the area of Spirit-led inner-healing are powerfully matched with the Father’s heart of love to bring about life-changing breakthrough for hundreds of clients and participants.

Lori Byrne is a fourth-generation pastor with a strong gift of discernment and the prophetic. Having done pastoral counseling and inner-healing for years within the church, she draws from a vast wealth of wisdom and experience in connecting and building intimate relationships in the body of Christ.

Barry and Lori have been married since 1979, and currently reside in Redding, CA and are on staff at Bethel Church. The delight of their lives are their 4 adult sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, who are all involved in various ways with their ministry.

Nichole 1

Nichole Schumacher

Administrative Assistant

Nichole Schumacher’s position is Administrative Assistant for Nothing Hidden Ministries.

Nichole previously worked for NHM from 2017-2020 and recently returned to us part-time, working remotely from Oregon. In addition to working for NHM, Nichole is a marriage and family therapist and youth pastor. One of life’s greatest pleasures for Nichole is being married to her amazing husband, Rich. One of her greatest blessings is being a mom to their three wonderful adult children and son-in-law. Since attending Love After Marriage in 2014, Nichole and her husband have desired to see marriages healed, made whole, and transformed. Nichole is a 2017 Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry graduate in Redding, CA, and a 2020 graduate of Simpson University in Redding, CA. Her greatest passion is to see people set free, healed, restored, and radically changed through the love of Jesus Christ.


Shannon Byrne

Social Media & Special Projects Assistant

Shannon Byrne’s position is Social Media & Special Projects Assistant for Nothing Hidden Ministries.

Shannon is wife to Caleb Byrne, Barry and Lori’s oldest son, and mom to Deacon, Ezra and Paisley. The things she loves most is quality time with family, morning coffee on the front porch, encouraging others, self-growth, pursuing authority through the resurrection power of Jesus and going after healing, as well as working for Nothing Hidden Ministries, which has always been a dream of hers to do!


Janilee Jones

Pastoral Care

Janilee Jones’ position is Pastoral Care for Nothing Hidden Ministries.

Janilee Jones has lived in Northern California her entire life. In 1991 she married Buck, the love of her life. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Janilee and Buck pastored a church in Chico, California for 7 years and afterward began attending Bethel Redding where they still call home. They attended their first LAM workshop around 2015. Her passions are her husband, her kids, and watching Holy Spirit heal people’s lives.



Jeremy Byrne

SLW Ambassador

Jeremy Byrne lives in Redding with his wife Britt; they moved up from Los Angeles in 2019. He has completed two years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Jeremy has his own relationship coaching practice, is a licensed cosmetologist (hairstylist), a commercial actor, co-hosts a podcast, writes music with his brother Justin as part of the duo Jer & Jaws, has a YouTube channel with his wife and leads worship at their church in LA. He combines his life experience with God, his talents as an entertainer, and genuine love for people to lead singles into breakthrough while having fun.


Justin Byrne

SLW Ambassador

Justin Byrne is a director at a local renewables company, and he is also a musician/songwriter/producer. He is currently living in Redding. He has traveled internationally for over five years, co-hosting the single life workshop with his brother and sister-in-law. He brings a passion to see the truth and grace of God be realized and planted deep into people’s lives, to authentically walk out their relationships with others, God, and themselves. He loves to lead with depth, authenticity, and humor; be a supporter of the victory that God brings to a willing soul.

Byrne_Britt_Nov_2018 (1)

Britt Byrne

SLW Ambassador

Britt Byrne lives in Redding with her husband, Jeremy, and their daughter, Noa. She has appeared on television programs, talk shows, radio, and podcasts speaking about women’s issues, eating disorders, confidence, shame, addiction, recovery, and God’s goodness through it all! She has traveled throughout the country as an ambassador for World Vision, advocating for child sponsorship. She loves being outside, going for hikes, spending time with family, being silly, and especially loves leading men and women into health, wholeness and healing!


David & DeAnna Black

LAM Ambassadors

David and DeAnna Black first connected with Nothing Hidden Ministries in 2012. They are now a part of our core leadership team and lead intensive workshops throughout the U.S. They also minister regularly to the church body at Bethel through Spirit Connection sessions. David and DeAnna have been married since 1994; they have three children and have been in full-time ministry for 20+ years. Prior to coming to Bethel, they were pastors of a church in Texas. Their pastoral hearts, vulnerability and passion to see marriages transformed in a supernatural way makes them perfectly suited for facilitating workshops and helping other couples experience breakthrough!


Buck & Janilee Jones

LAM Ambassador

Buck and Janilee Jones have been connected with Nothing Hidden Ministries since 2015. They have been married for 31 years and have four grown children. Prior to coming to Bethel, they pastored a church in Chico, California, for seven years. They both grew up in the Los Molinos, CA, area, where they own a fourth-generation farming operation. They love taking trips in their motorhome, hiking, and spending time with their children and grandchildren. They love working with NHM and getting to see people transformed through the Holy Spirit, the Wonderful Counselor.


J. Brian & Renae Calva

LAM Ambassadors

J. Brian and Renae Calva have been doing marriage ministry and counseling since 2000. In 2011, they attended a Love After Marriage workshop and found it to be the answer to a desire to more effectively impact marriages supernaturally. Their marriage and ministry were radically changed through the impartation, revelation and encounters with Holy Spirit during the workshop. Since then, they have been faithfully serving Love After Marriage by facilitating workshops nationally and internationally. They have a desire to see the Body of Christ love well, to experience true intimacy in marriage, and walk in the destiny God has for them individually and as married couples. They have seen many lives transformed through the principles of Love After Marriage, and they are excited to see God bring the same transformation to many more!


Phil & Ginny Comstock

LAM Ambassadors

Phil and Ginny Comstock attended the first Love After Marriage workshop in 2009. Their marriage, family and entire lives were radically changed through their small group community and the encounters with Holy Spirit during the workshop. Since January 2010, they have been faithfully serving in many aspects of Love After Marriage – leading many workshops nationally and internationally, and ministering to the church body through Spirit Connection sessions. During this time, they attended all three years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. Their hearts are passionate to see marriages and families radically transformed by Holy Spirit.


Igor & Shaila Gomes

LAM Ambassadors

Igor and Shaila Gomes attended Love After Marriage for the first time on their 7th year Anniversary, on May 2010. Although they’ve always been involved in serving and loving people and marriages, they were deeply impacted and forever changed by the presence of Holy Spirit, the spiritually practical tools and teachings, and the relationships established in that workshop – which is all still continuing to this day. Together they’ve led many LAM workshops in the South Florida region, ministering to hundreds of couples and creating a Kingdom Culture in that region. They are passionate about helping individuals and couples find freedom and wholeness in God’s perfect love by challenging them to live life, not just with Nothing Hidden, but also in connection with Holy Spirit and one another. By pursuing God’s heart and redemption first for their own marriage and their 3 “amazing, way-ahead-of-their-time” children, they’ve lead LAM from a place of power through vulnerability and are hungry for more!


Kelly & Cindy Hill

LAM Ambassadors

Kelly and Cindy Hill first experienced Love After Marriage in 2012, attending a 5-day intensive workshop and have never looked back!  After starting in marriage ministry 25 years ago, their heart’s desire was to see more Holy Spirit-led ministry, and LAM was the perfect fit!  The drive home from Colorado to Kansas City was a blur as they spent hours writing down all that the Lord imparted to them through this workshop. That was the beginning of some incredible ministry they’ve witnessed through LAM impacting individuals, couples and whole families.  Seeing captives set free and released into what the Lord has called them to be is life-changing and energizing!  The Hills have attended additional training with the Byrnes including Spirit Connection & Leadership Training, which they’ve used to minister to couples in their home and in workshops.  They’ve led LAM 1 and LAM 2 workshops, hosted 3.5-day intensives in their home church, and have led 3.5-day intensives in the US and Canada.

Kelly and Cindy have been married for 39 years and have three married children and 7 grandchildren!  They serve in leadership in their church and have established LAM ministry in their local body, which includes weekly workshops, cell groups and married date nights incorporating LAM tools and core values.


Sinclair & Anna Langlands

LAM Ambassadors

Sinclair and Anna (Annie) Langlands have been involved in marriage ministry since 2004; however, in 2010 they attended their first Love After Marriage (LAM) workshop and discovered a new set of “keys and tools” to effective counseling and marriage ministry. Much of what they have learned from LAM has become a lifestyle for their own marriage and family. Sinclair and Ann have served their local church through facilitating LAM workshops and also applying and teaching the LAM tools in numerous counseling sessions. They are eager to see marriages and families find victory and live an exemplary lifestyle that causes others to ask, “How do we get what you have?”


Paul & Sue Lavier

LAM Ambassadors

Paul and Sue Lavier have been married since 1978, have raised three children, and have 11 grandchildren. They have served in numerous ministries over the years, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, high school football chaplain, short-term missions to Argentina and Slovakia, worship team members, staff marriage pastors, small group leaders, and intercessory teams. With a prophetic word in their hearts about helping to heal marriages, they attended a Love After Marriage workshop in 2012. They have since attended more Spirit Connection & Leadership Training with the Byrnes and have established the LAM ministry to couples from around the greater Portland area, and Central Oregon Coast, with LAM 3.5 day, LAM 1 and LAM 2 weekly workshops, LAM home groups, and ministering to couples through Spirit Connection sessions.

Paul and Sue – “God used the LAM ministry to help us get rid of barriers to spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy by bringing to light and getting rid of beliefs and patterns of interacting with each other that were based on lies from the enemy. LAM firmly established us in the truth of whom God made us to be, gave us tools to maintain connection, and a commitment to pursue and spread the power of loving community. We now enjoy one another deeply and how God blends our unique personalities together with Holy Spirit to bring wholeness to other marriages. He gives us a tremendous love for the couples He brings across our way and a passion to see them experience the joy and strength of true intimacy! In 2011 we were separated for a time and at a loss of what to do…but for God, and how he worked through the ministry of Love After Marriage through loving community and the transformational power of his Holy Spirit, we were healed and reconnected. God truly restored our marriage through the ministry of Love After Marriage.”



Martin & Betty Heidenreich

NHM Regional Coordinators - Germany

Martin and Betty Heidenreich have been married since 1990 years and are parents of four lovely children. They’ve served for 25 years in full-time ministry as pastors at a church in Stuttgart/Germany. From the beginning of their years in ministry, they have had a heart to encourage and help couples. Previously, their focus was especially on young couples to help prepare them for their marriage. Since 1999, they were in charge of a nationwide ministry in this area.

In 2012, Martin and Betty visited their first Love after Marriage (LAM) workshop in Switzerland. This experience enriched their marriage, their ministry, and especially their personal relationship to Holy Spirit. Hungry for more, they went to Redding, CA with their family for 6 months. In Redding, they had the chance to participate in LAM 2 and visit a Spirit Connection & Leadership Training in the home of Byrnes.

Currently, they now live in the Southeast part of Germany near Salzburg/Austria. A network of different churches hired them to help them full-time in the area of evangelization.
Martin and Betty want to see couples living in deep connection and freedom! Their desire is to bring the principles of Love after Marriage into the body of Christ in Germany.

Martin and Betty are currently serving as the NHM Regional Coordinators in Germany.  For more information on events in this region and the team working with Martin and Betty, please visit


Cliff & Debby Jackson

NHM Regional Coordinators - United Kingdom & Ireland

Cliff and Debby live in Horsham, West Sussex, UK and have been married for 40 years. They have 5 grown up married children and 11 wonderful grandchildren. Cliff owns his own business in communications, security and IT.

Cliff and Debby went to their first LAM workshop in 2011 in Redding California. At that time, they were not in a good place but knew they were to travel to America for the 5-day intensive course with Barry and Lori Byrne. It was a turning point for their marriage; it brought breakthrough and connection in a way they had never experienced.

Their Love After Marriage journey continued as they were given the opportunity to do LAM over 32 weeks when they were at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2014/15 for 9 months. During the last 3 years they have attended several LAM workshops in the UK as well as Spirit Connection Training and at every workshop they witness God bringing revelation, deeper levels of connection and hope to so many couples.

Cliff and Debby are currently serving as the NHM Regional Coordinators for the UK and Ireland and are actively promoting both LAM and SLW.  They are excited to encourage more Weekly Workshops to be established in churches in the UK. They are passionate to see marriages as God intended and feel honoured to be a part of this anointed ministry.

For more information on events in this region and the team working with Cliff and Debby, please visit


Johannes & Celine Lin

NHM Regional Coordinators - Taiwan
Johannes and Celine Lin were married in January 2016 and visited their first Love after Marriage (LAM) workshop during their Honeymoon in Redding. They have a heart for God’s Kingdom and the revival of the nations. They were both remarkable in the marketplace and receive God’s calling full-time running for Jesus and the body of Christ. They are not only the pioneers of Chinese speaking NHM, but also have a father’s and a mother’s heart. They take care of people’s need, feel, and God’s calling for them. Johannes is also an apostolic teacher and writer. Celine is a loving, tender, thoughtful, talented woman that Johannes never saw before.
Johannes and Celine are currently serving as the NHM Regional Coordinators in Taiwan. For more information on events in this region and the team working with Johannes & Celine, please email [email protected].

Gary & Hilary Palser

NHM Regional Coordinators - South Africa

Gary & Hilary have been happily married since 1982, have three married daughters and five precious grandchildren!  They attended the 5-day Love After Marriage Intensive at Bethel in 2013.

Gary retired from his work as an actuary and Chief Risk Officer for his company at the end of 2015. As part of a plan to be re-fired rather than retired they attended the Spirit Connection Training workshop in January 2016. While at Bethel they met Phil & Ginny Comstock (LAM Ambassadors) and consequently hosted the Comstocks in their home in Cape Town and at a 3.5-day LAM Intensive workshop in their church. After being approved as weekly LAM leaders they facilitated the first weekly LAM workshop in South Africa in the first half of 2017. They were further re-fired through a year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2017/18. While there, they attended LAM 2, another Spirit Connection Training and the Deeper Intimacy workshop.

Gary & Hilary have both received inner healing themselves. Gary grew up in a difficult family situation which caused him to build walls around his emotions. He experienced deep inner healing which brought down these walls. Without this healing, Hilary would never have married him, as she is a feeler! In addition to the Spirit Connection training through Nothing Hidden Ministries, they have also received Sozo training; Hilary has introduced and led Sozo in their church.

Gary & Hilary are NHM Regional Coordinators for South Africa. They have a calling to see marriages thrive and are very excited to see how God is using LAM and Spirit Connection to heal and restore marriages. For more information on events in South Africa and the team working with Gary & Hilary, please email [email protected].

Graeme & Andrea Peak

NHM Regional Coordinators - Australasia

Graeme & Andrea have been married since 2010. They have 5 adult children and 10 grandchildren and live in country Victoria. Graeme is self employed, and Andrea coordinates administration for NHM Australasia and liaises with churches throughout the nation after 25 years as an RN midwife.

They attended their first Love After Marriage 6 months into their marriage, recognizing the need to find a way to work through the heart restoration they both required from past traumas and negative experiences to safeguard their own marriage. To date, with Holy Spirit, they have facilitated around 30 NHM workshops, including LAM intensives, LAM & SLW weekly workshops and Spirit Connection Training Intensives.

Graeme & Andrea were commissioned in 2017 by NHM Directors Barry & Lori Byrne to step into the role of NHM Regional Coordinators for the Australasia region, to walk shoulder to shoulder with an incredible community of people that live out the Nothing Hidden lifestyle. They have witnessed amazing miracles in individuals, families, communities and churches over the years serving with NHM. They feel privileged to be part of what God is doing around Australia & New Zealand.

Graeme & Andrea carry a mother & fathers heart for Australasia and are passionate about equipping and releasing people into their God given purpose.  For more information on events in this region and the team working with Graeme and Andrea, please visit