Ongoing Support – Relationship Coaching and Inner Healing

Looking for on-going support in your journey toward spiritual, relational and sexual wholeness?


Jeremy Byrne and Brendon Byrne both offer personalized relationship coaching and inner healing ministry for individuals and couples. 


Learn more about what each of them has to offer below!

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Brendon Byrne

Personal & Relationship Coach

A little bit about me – I am very passionate to see each and every client walk in fullness of emotional and relational health.  I love to co-labor with you and God to see the victories He has planned for you come forth. My style is a combination of asking questions, coaching (homework and activation) and inner healing (inviting God in to do His thing). As I have seen countless times in my coaching, if you are willing to work and be vulnerable, God will show up. If you are curious about setting up a session, I offer one free 15 minute phone call for you to get to know me, ask questions and get a feel for what we will be doing together. For more information email me at [email protected]


Jeremy Byrne

Personal & Relationship Coach

With many years of experience helping people around the world find relational fulfillment, personal growth and healing, Jeremy combines an incisive gift of discernment with compassionate truth to bring clarity and freedom to those wanting more from their relationships.  With the right guidance and help navigating the pain and pressure of our relationships, we can use them to expose the areas in our life that are keeping us from experiencing fulfillment and peace.  In doing so, we can identify and eliminate the discrepancy between the life we settle for and the life we hope for.  Jeremy offers one-on-one coaching to people around the world for a variety of areas of growth.  Visit his website to contact him for more information and to schedule a session.