Attend a Spirit Connection Training

As God’s precious creation, it is His heart to see each one of us living in freedom and wholeness in all areas of our life – walking out our true identity and calling.


However, we all know that Life brings all sorts of struggles that we need to overcome in order to continually move towards His intended desire for our lives – past traumas, hurts, wounds, addictions, broken relationships… Not to mention, we have a spiritual enemy that would love nothing more than to keep us from walking in our God-given identity.


This is why Spirit Connection was developed. Spirit Connection is an inner healing ministry that is designed to uproot and heal issues that have prevented you from walking in personal freedom, spiritual wholeness and thriving relationships.

  Emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual trauma


A hindered ability to connect with God/Holy Spirit/Jesus


Reproducing negative and damaging generational patterns that you recognize in your family line but have difficulty overcoming

Unhealthy soul ties


Addictive behaviors


Emotional struggles with depression, anxiety, fear, panic, hopelessness, self-hatred, passivity, anger, jealousy, unforgiveness, etc.



Spirit Connection sessions consist of the use of the NHM-developed tools such as:

Gray-Bullet-Point copy Generational Prayer


Gray-Bullet-Point copy 1-2-3 Skidoo!


Gray-Bullet-Point copy Spirit Blessing


Gray-Bullet-Point copy Steps To Reconciliation

Gray-Bullet-Point copy Inviting Jesus Into The Memory


Gray-Bullet-Point copy Forgiveness


Gray-Bullet-Point copy Breaking Vows & Curses


Gray-Bullet-Point copy Breaking Soul Ties



 Spirit Connection is founded upon the same core principles as NHM:

  • We ask the Holy Spirit to speak first. We want the person receiving a Spirit Connection to hear His wisdom, not man’s wisdom. (John 14:26, John 16:13,14)

  • Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12)

  • Healing is strongest when people are willing to be completely open and transparent in community. Healing is hindered and even prevented when the person asking for help hides important information or is too vague about the truth, and when people resist the voice of the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth. (Ephesians 5:13,14)

  • Shame is dispelled most powerfully when we share our lives openly in a loving community committed to acceptance and speaking the truth in love to each other. Shame destroys; but truth in love builds up. (Ephesians 4:15,16)

  • If we are to walk by the Spirit, we must go past our own understanding and our own abilities, and build up our own spirit to connect with the Holy Spirit. If we can stay connected to Him in this process, He will lead us to the healing we need. (Galatians 3:16,17)



We believe the Lord has shown us that He wants to equip the body of Christ to be guided by the Holy Spirit so that He can use them to lead others into supernatural breakthrough, healing and wholeness. Therefore, we host live Spirit Connection Training events in Redding, CA, to help train others in facilitating Spirit Connection sessions on individuals who are in need of breakthrough in any area of their lives.


In the live trainings, you will be using the NHM tools through practical and hands-on experience in a safe, small group setting. As you become more comfortable with practicing the tools, we will help guide you in combining them all together to be used as an inner-healing model, that is – Spirit Connection.


Jesus is no “respecter of persons”. He is imparting this inner-healing method and the same powerful results to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Spirit Connection works for those who are willing to be transparent, honest, vulnerable, obedient and willing to step out of their comfort zone to do whatever He asks them to do. He has confirmed this over and over again as singles, couples, parents and children, schools, churches and the workplace are using the tools of Spirit Connection to help each other get free.




After years of professional counseling as a Marriage & Family Therapist, I (Barry Byrne) became more and more convinced that the body of Christ could, and should be doing much of the healing work that is done in traditional private therapy. As I experienced the Holy Spirit transform people’s lives through various inner healing methods in other settings, I began to implement inner healing methods into my own counseling practice. Through this, I came to the conclusion that while traditional therapy is great for the purpose of identifying and describing issues, the Holy Spirit needs to be invited into the healing process in order to bring true and lasting breakthrough and freedom in people’s lives.



Then, when my wife, Lori, and I began Love After Marriage (LAM) in 2008, we felt the Lord prompt us to step out and do what He was putting in our hearts in order to see healing in the body of Christ. So we took an unprecedented risk and invited couples up to the front of the entire LAM workshop, to facilitate inner healing in the context of a safe, loving community. We had no idea of the miraculous works that the Lord would perform as we both took this huge risk. We saw the entire room support the couples as they turned their hearts towards praying for breakthrough for them up front. We continue to choose to take this same risk in every LAM workshop that we do. Through these experiences, we increasingly believe that if the Holy Spirit is not invited into our healing process, then we are left with meager human tools and little power to bring lasting change.