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Deeper Intimacy 2019 eCourse


About The Deeper Intimacy 2019 eCourse

Are there things you’ve been working on for a long time but you still need breakthrough?

Through specific dreams, encounters, learning the power of communion and more revelation from the Lord, Barry was delivered from a stronghold that had plagued him from the age of three.  This eCourse opens the door for this testimony to happen again in your life.  Through six teaching sessions, Lori and Barry bring to the forefront specific disciplines the Lord has highlighted in their own lives that are necessary to have regularly operating if we desire to pursue deeper intimacy.  The activities accompanying the teachings will help lead you into these disciplines.

Note: This eCourse is designed for Love After Marriage Alumni. If you haven’t already gone through a Love After Marriage workshop, eCourse or read our book, Love After Marriage, as a couple, we strongly recommend that you participate in one of these before going through Deeper Intimacy 2019. This will help you learn the tools you will need to work through the issues the Lord brings up.

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