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Take Back Your Life (Book)


About Take Back Your Life

Only very recently has our culture begun to realize and address the damaging effects of pornography – how destructive it is to relationships and families, how it harms the brain, how it negatively impacts emotional well-being, and how it’s affected our society as a whole.

While it’s good that the level of awareness for this issue is increasing, those who struggle with porn are still left trying to figure out how to get help in this difficult area. That’s why Brendon Byrne wrote Take Back Your Life: Overcome Pornography While Building the Life You Want. Brendon struggled with an addiction to pornography for 12 years of his life and experienced many of its damaging effects first-hand, especially in his marriage. This led him to make an unwavering decision to begin the journey of finally getting free from pornography. With disarming transparency and vulnerability, Take Back Your Life will give you an in-depth look into what it takes to overcome addiction to pornography, and you will gain truths, insights and practical steps on how to step into a life of adventure, freedom and purpose.