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A Deeper Relationship With Jesus And My Wife

A Deeper Relationship With Jesus And My Wife

“When my wife first told me about this class, I have to admit that I wasn’t that excited. We had attended other classes in the past that focused on improving Christian marriages and, while they were okay, they didn’t really have much of an impact on our lives. Frankly, I was expecting to hear the same information about the importance of communication, how women needed to talk and how men needed to listen better, and yada, yada, yada. Same ole, same ole. But I agreed to check it out and go to the orientation meeting because she wanted to. It seemed important to her, even though it wasn’t that important to me at the time.

During the orientation meeting, however, something happened. The Holy Spirit showed up. When Jeremy started talking, I felt a deep stab pierce my heart and tears started welling up in my eyes. I wasn’t even sure why. I tried to hide it and struggled to maintain my “composure” during the rest of the meeting. After the meeting, my wife and I talked in the car and we discovered that both of us had experienced the same thing. We literally sat in the car weeping as the Holy Spirit continued to touch our spirits through what we had just experienced. A fresh outpouring of hope and excitement filled our hearts.

The first night of Love After Marriage, I confessed to our table that I really wasn’t interested in another polite Christian meeting. I was skeptical. I needed something real, something beyond the normal round of religious niceties and Christian clichés I had come to expect over the years. I didn’t want to play any more games. Then it happened again. The Holy Spirit showed up. BAM! My heart was opened, the tears flowed and the Lord began to draw me a few more steps down the path to genuine healing.

Love After Marriage wasn’t what I expected. It didn’t just rehash, rearrange and repackage the collection of “Christianese” that I had heard over and over again in the past. The class not only gave us practical tools that we could use, but more importantly – for me anyway – it carried the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit that brought real power to the tools it was offering.

Some weeks, my wife and I would literally cry the entire drive home from the class as the Holy Spirit continued to minister to us while we talked about what we had experienced that eventing. I think I knew that the only way our marriage would be able to really flourish was for me to get some inner-healing first. I can honestly say that each week of LAM brought a little more healing to my spirit and has deepened my relationship with my wife.

I was also amazed by how the Holy Spirit even used the videos to touch my spirit and open up my heart to healing. Even though I knew the teachings and soul connection videos were recordings and that the actual events had happened a long time ago, I could literally feel the presence of God filling my heart and the entire room as we watched.

The other thing that surprised me was how much I fell in love with the other couples at our table. I feel like I was privileged to experience something “holy” as they opened up and revealed their struggles and past hurts. I found myself praying for them and being truly excited when I would catch them looking at each other in a way that clearly communicated their love for each other. I really do love them and am so thankful for their friendship. Their prayers were powerful and have blessed me more than I think they know.

One of the most significant things I gained over these past weeks is that I’ve fallen even more in love with my wife. I feel like I am able to really “see” her in a way that I was not able to before the class. And I feel like I am truly “seen” by her in a way that I didn’t even think was possible beforehand. For the first time in my life, I feel that I am truly “safe” with another human being. I am able to be totally naked with her, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well, and still be safe. I feel like she is able to see the wounds of shame that have haunted me for over half a century and, without judgment or condemnation, help me to heal. I don’t feel judged by her any more.

I am also able to see her beauty in a way that I never have before. I have always appreciated her physical beauty, which caused me to literally move to the other side of the continent to be with her when we were first dating. But I didn’t really see or appreciate how incredibly, overwhelmingly beautiful her spirit is. She is one of the wisest, strongest, most anointed woman I’ve ever met. Her love for God and her devotion for our family was literally the glue that held us together when the enemy did everything he could to tear us apart.

This class has helped me to not only see her as the strong woman of God that she is, but also as the sweet, hurt and frightened little girl who needs to be loved and protected. And I’ve felt a renewed call from the Lord to step up and be the man I was created to be as her husband. I am thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with her.

Not only has this class helped me to love my wife more, it has drawn me into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus. I would say that THE most powerful part of participating in LAM was the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit I experienced moving in and through the presentations and materials. I don’t know if this was everyone’s experience, but it was mine.

I’m am typically thankful when these types of classes finally come to an end. It means that I will have another free evening to relax at home and do what I want. But I can honestly say that I’m going to miss this one. It’s been a blessing that goes far beyond what I am able to express. And I am truly thankful for it.”

– Tim