LAM Testimony: Bringing Things Into The Light

LAM Testimony: Bringing Things Into The Light

“I feel like this [Love After Marriage] workshop helped me to reconnect with Holy Spirit and my spirit, to bring truth and light back into my life.  It has empowered me with easy to use tools that I can use to bring my marriage into greater levels of intimacy.

On the fourth night, sex challenge night, I was feeling like I was going to be sick to my stomach after dinner.  I sat on the toilet and thought I would be spending the night there.  I had the thought to use the Spirit Blessing Tool to pray for my stomach.  I blessed my spirit to connect with Holy Spirit and lead my stomach to process my food correctly.  The rumbling stopped.  My stomach settled, and I was totally fine the rest of the night.

I have also been able to see and know my wife and what she has suffered in life at a whole new depth.  I know that we will walk away from this event and get greater breakthrough.” – LAM Husband


“This [Love After Marriage workshop] was the best opportunity to go deep and bring things into the light in the presence of others (both our small group and the whole workshop group) and maintain consistent contact and relationship with those ‘others.’  This environment created the best support for dealing with really difficult things without the isolation we have experienced throughout our marriage.

The LAM workshop caused us to actively confront the lies and mindsets the enemy has been attacking us with.  Activity after activity after activity invited us into offensive warfare and practical defensive moves.  The amount we did in the five days we set aside to attend LAM was so much more active attention on our marriage than we would ever have spent on our marriage in years.

During our Spirit Connection, my husband and I brought into the light issues we have never shared with anyone.  Although it felt messy and way too vulnerable, Lori and Barry’s guidance and insight from Holy Spirit helped us to see and confront lies and patterns the enemy tried to use to ruin our lives and marriage.  We both walked away from the public experience feeling loved, hopeful, changed and supported.  The best counseling encounter we have ever had!” – LAM Wife