"Deeper Intimacy Is Possible" - Emotional and Physical Healing - Nothing Hidden Ministries

“Deeper Intimacy Is Possible” – Emotional and Physical Healing

“Deeper Intimacy Is Possible” – Emotional and Physical Healing

“After seventeen years of marriage I still had a problem with feeling connected with my wife.  After this week of seeing places that were wounded by me and before me in her, as well as seeing wounds I had from childhood – I never knew they would create such a problem in our marriage.  I can say now that I feel connected, and I have a renewed love for my wife.”

-LAM Husband


“What a time of deep intimacy and learning that deeper intimacy is possible.  It’s been amazing to connect with God’s heart for my marriage.  I especially love inviting Holy Spirit into my sex time with my husband.  We took the time to lay naked and bless each other’s bodies.  I woke up the next morning and my back and shoulder that had been in pain for months was gone.  God even gave me a dream on the second night to reveal an area we needed to repent.  This was of pornography that we had allowed into our bed when we first got married seventeen years ago.  We had not even dabbled in that area for years and years but God revealed it had let other stuff in.  We enjoyed so much and will continue to bless our bodies and invite Holy Spirit every time we make love.  Holy Spirit is our forever and only invited Guest into our bed.”

-LAM Wife