"Feeling A Lot of Love Between Us" - Emotional and Sexual Intimacy Restored - Nothing Hidden Ministries

“Feeling A Lot of Love Between Us” – Emotional and Sexual Intimacy Restored

“Feeling A Lot of Love Between Us” – Emotional and Sexual Intimacy Restored

“My wife and I came to this course as two friends living separate lives; despite great reconciliation miracles we were estranged sexually and lacking intimacy.  During the third day of this conference, when Lori was speaking about the sacredness of sexuality bathed in the Holy Spirit, we both realized we had let the enemy rip us off of our beautiful union.  My wife’s heart really opened up to me.  Our homework that night was sweet and more breakthrough followed.  This last day, my wife and I are much closer.  I am feeling a lot of love between us.  This is a huge miracle for us.  Thank you, Barry and Lori.”

-LAM Husband


“This workshop has brought emotional and sexual closeness to my marriage.  I had given up on sex, feeling it was useless, hurtful and selfish.  The reality was that I still had a worldly view of it.  I have been well schooled and given a fresh view of God’s purpose for sex and want to care for my husband’s need for closeness, for his physiological sexual wellness.  I caught your vision and am ready to pursue this curriculum fully.  I value the vision and call to be totally united and one, to love my husband fully and to be focused on this way of living.  I honestly dreaded addressing sex, but I am so glad it has been.  Your joy and humor makes taking medicine easy.  I was able to deeply forgive my husband and understand how precious marriage is in God’s eyes.  I must have more LAM.”

-LAM Wife