Who We Are

The goal of Nothing Hidden Ministries is to lead people into spiritual, relational and sexual wholeness.  By creating a safe place for community, singles or married couples are guided into greater connection through Holy Spirit empowered workshops, relevant teachings, inner healing and eCourses that create the space for more hopeful, healthy, restored lives and committed relationships.


We don’t believe in talking at you about what you should or shouldn’t do in relationships. Instead, we believe in inviting you to join us on an experience – a journey of learning how to invite God to play an active role in your relationships and implementing the proven NHM relationship tools in a “real life” setting with others on this same journey. We aim to train and equip people to bring Holy Spirit empowered revival into their relationships and homes.

“They have a message of a powerful God who is capable of redeeming all situations and relationships, regardless of the history.”

– Eric & Candace Johnson, Former Bethel Redding Senior Leaders


Nothing Hidden Ministries is the home of Love After Marriage, Single Life Workshop, and Spirit Connection. Through these ministries, we develop resources, tools and events that will help people experience deeper connection in their relationships and with God. These resources include books, manuals, workbooks, courses, teachings, and live workshops and trainings.

“Their ministry is really unique. Their transparency is disarming, their passion is inspiring, and their own relationship is a powerful message to anyone who is living in a dysfunctional or boring relationship.”

– Kris & Kathy Vallotton, Bethel Church Sr. Associate Leaders


In 2008, an answer to prayer came through a dream encounter with the Lord – Barry & Lori Byrne received a significant strategy on how to heal, strengthen and transform marriages – this was the birthing of Love After Marriage (LAM), which originally began at Bethel Church in Redding, California.


In 2010, Brendon Byrne (the son of Barry & Lori Byrne) had a growing realization that the relationships in his life were “good,” but he knew there was more – that deeper levels of relationship existed. He wanted to learn how to get the “more” he was seeking, so he and his brother Caleb created and led a singles ministry home group. Additionally, singles began approaching the Byrnes about joining the Love After Marriage workshop after hearing testimonies from the workshop; however, LAM is specifically designed for couples, not singles. God was definitely telling the Byrnes, “Get to the singles before they are married.” The core values of Brendon’s home group were similar to those of LAM, so Brendon worked with Lori to bring together the appropriate elements of LAM plus elements from his homegroup to create the Single Life Workshop. As more brothers and a sister-in-law have participated in the presentation of this workshop, it has morphed and changed into the workshop it is today while seeing the same miracles, breakthroughs and transformation since the beginning.


In 2014, the Byrnes founded Nothing Hidden Ministries to house Love After Marriage, Single Life Workshop, and Spirit Connection (the Byrnes’ inner-healing method). The Byrnes chose the name “Nothing Hidden Ministries”, as “nothing hidden” – living openly and vulnerably in truth and love – is the core value that lays a foundation for the entire ministry.


Now the Byrnes, their sons, and the NHM Ambassadors and Regional Coordinators facilitate numerous workshops all over the world, helping others gain new levels of tremendous breakthrough and freedom in their relationship with God, their relationships and marriages!

“Barry & Lori are some of the foremost marriage leaders of our day. The dramatic change in the lives of people they work with is consistently miraculous.”

– Danny & Sheri Silk, Loving On Purpose CEO’s & Founders